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How to borrow money from palmpay

In this blog post , I am going to show you step by step with screenshot on how to borrow money from palmpay.

If you are looking for a good loan app, palmpay is the best loan app that offers fast and reliable loans at low interest rate.

If you do not have a palmpay account download it from the play store if you are using iPhone/ios go to app store or just download it from here  and create your account.


If you already have a palmpay account just follow along with this step by step guide below.

1. Open your palmpay app.

On your dashboard below you will see an icon with the name “finance” , click on it.

How to borrow money from palmpay

After clicking you are going to see a screen like this shown in the image above.

Click on get flexi-now.


Agree to there terms and conditions and continue.

2. Permission access to your device.

A screen like this will show up, click on the ” I agree “ button to give palmpay access to your device.


3. Verification process.

After you have given palmpay access to your device, you will have to provide 2 phone numbers of your friends or family members.


After adding the 2 required contacts of your friends or family then click on “next”.

An otp code will be sent to your registered phone number.

Submit the otp and click on “verify”.


After verifying the code, wait for a few seconds and your front camera will open automatically, position your face on the frame to complete the facial verification process.

Note: Make sure to be in a well lighted environment and also take off items such as Cap, eye glass or face mask in other to complete this process successfully.

4. Get your loan.

After the  verification process your loan limit will be calculated for you.

How to borrow money from palmpay


You can click on ” take this loan” and your palmpay account will be credited with your loan amount.

This is how to borrow money from palmpay with ease.

Note: Paying your loan back on time will give you more access to bigger loans.

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What is the maximum amount I can borrow from palmpay ?.

The maximum amount you can borrow from palmpay depends on how long you have been on there network and your credit score, for beginners the maximum is ₦10,000 and for long term customers ₦5,000,000.


What is palmpay Flexi ?.

Palmpay Flexi is a palmpay loan service that allows you to buy airtime, data and tv subscriptions with your Flexi balance or loan which you can pay back later without any interest, but can’t be cash out as cash.


How long does it take to borrow from palmpay?.

It usually takes 1 business day to get your loan after reviewing your application, if you are eligible your account will be credited in 1 business day.


Palmpay loan code (ussd) ?.

*652# is the ussd code for palmpay loan service, you can dial *652# from your phone and choose “loan” in the options available.


Is palmpay reliable?

Yes palmpay is reliable and also have the approval of CBN with over 10million users.


Does palmpay put interest on loan ?.

Palmpay offers a low interest rates on loans starting from 10%.

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