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How to borrow money from opay

Are you looking for how to borrow money from opay ? , look no further because we are going to give you full details with step by step tutorial on how to borrow money from opay.

1. Open your opay app.

Open your opay app and head over to the navigation button at the bottom of the page and click on “finance”.

How to borrow money from opay

At the upper right corner , after clicking on finance tap on the loans option.

How to borrow money from opay

Here you have 2 options to select from which is Ease Moni & Okash.


2. Downloading the loan app.

But for this tutorial we are going to be using Ease moni.

Tap on ease Moni and click on the download button to download the ease Moni app.


3. Registration.


After successfully installing the ease moni app , open it and register with your phone number, wait for an otp that will be sent to your registered phone number, once you receive the otp , input it and your phone number will be verified.

4. Creating a 4-digit password.

The next screen will ask you to create a 4-digit pin which you will be using for transactions.


After creating your pin click on submit and agree to there terms and services.


5. Applying for loan.


Congrats you have successfully created your ease moni account.

Click on apply now to apply for a loan.


Fill out the required informations such as first name, middle name, gender, your BVN and date of birth.

After filling out the form , your loan request will be reviewed and if you are eligible you will get the loan amount you requested for.

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How do I borrow money on my opay account ?.

  • Go to the finance and choose loan in the options.
  • Select your preferred loan services.
  • Download the app of the loan service you choosed.
  • Register and submit required informations.
  • Apply for your loan.


Does opay lends money to people ?.

Yes opay have a loan service such as ease moni and okash that lends money to people.


What’s opay code ?

*955# is the opay code that you can use to perform actions such as money transfer, balance check and paying of bills & utilities.


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